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St. Matthew's

7 am Service - Traditional

Our Sunday Worship

The 7am service offers the opportunity for Prayer -book based worship in a small, but friendly and welcoming community of people who enjoy praying, singing and learning together.  

People are encouraged to share in the service through such activities as bible-reading and leading prayers.  The second service of each month is an entirely lay led service which allows the rector to be involved with the 8am service at St John’s.

Morning tea follows this service and provides a wonderful opportunity for people to get to know each other better, share their journeys and care for each other in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Visitors to this service can be assured they will be warmly welcomed and we look forward to meeting you and sharing worship and celebrating Communion with you.

Special Events to hold in our prayers

Lachlan 1.jpg

Congratulating Lachlan after his anointment with the catechumen oil. We are all called to walk with our candidates in faith as they prepare for their Confirmation.

The candidates for Confirmation are Adam, Lachlan, Kath and Karl. We are called to keep them in our prayers as they journey by faith to their Confirmation. They were anointed with the catechumen oil for the first part of their preparation to be confirmed. We are focusing on the outward acts of faith, prayer, bible reading, giving, worship.

They will be Confirmed on the 17th December 2023.

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