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Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care, what would it look like, how we can achieve this.

Traditionally a function of the church  (also termed cure of souls).  It comprises acts of service by Christian representatives aimed at healing sustaining, guiding and reconciling of people with particular needs and concerns.

With training we can achieve this:

Our short-term aim is to connect on a social basis to support where needed. 

Prayer and Support


  • Let us know if you want to be visited

We can not take care of you, unless you let us know who and where you are. If you are shut in at home, at a hospital, or in a nursing home.


  • Need some extra prayers

We try to pray for everyone, but sometimes we need an extra few prayers. Let us know if you would like the ‘Prayer Team” to pray for you. Prayer card are also available behind the pew chairs.


  • Pastoral Volunteers at our parish can add new people to our Pastoral Visiting list via the Pastoral Form.

What would PC look like Yellow.JPG

Prayer Card

2023.09 Prayer Card.JPG
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