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Messy Intergenerational Church Sherwood Anglican

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Worship - Celebrating with God

Purpose: to inspire confidence in gathering the worshipping community together and understanding the flow of the liturgy - that is the specific parts that make up a Holy Communion Service.

Application: to enter into the celebration, with confidence and a sense of invitation. To connect with God physically and spiritually.

Bible Verses: Nehemiah 8: [Nehemiah was a great leader who organised and let the Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem thousands of years ago.]

Narrator: "I'm going to tell you about a great thing that happened after we completed building the new wall of Jerusalem. All the people met together in the open place near the Water Gate. This is the place where everyone usually meets for important events. The people askd me to bring the book of the Law of Moses. This is the first 5 books of the Bible. So, I brought the Book of the Law to all the people, men and women, as well as children. I stood about the people in a tall tower to read and everyone listened carefully to what I read. As soon as I opened the Book of the Law, the whole crowd all stood up."

The six elements of our service every Sunday is:

  • Gathering

  • Ministry of the Word

  • Greeting of Peace

  • Holy Communion

  • Confession and Absolution

  • Sending out


We created beautiful canvas on 5 elements of Worship:

  • Music

  • The Bible and Reflection

  • Prayer

  • Offering

  • Communion

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